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Motion Machine

Design a machine that makes a motion.

Use the materials left over from the holiday season to create and build a machine that makes at least one motion. Then, present your machine, show how it works, and give a demonstration.

This was difficult for the students because it was the first time they actually had to build what they had designed. Many of the designs started out as very complex creations and soon the students realized that what they had designed was too difficult for them to build. They revised their creations many times and in some cases the final result looked little like the original. - Karen T.
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Final Solutions

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Gymnastic Bar

motion machine (15k)

Dog Bone Delivery Car

motion machine (15k)

Can Scruncher

motion machine (15k)

Wind-up Plane

motion machine (15k)

Cat Toy

motion machine (15k)

Mountain Lift

motion machine (15k)

Pump Fan

motion machine (15k)

Head Guy

motion machine (15k)

Egg Cracker

motion machine (15k)

Roller Car

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Wind-up Toy

small hand logo (9k)Motion Machines is a project developed by Karen Thimmesch for her 4th grade students. See her Students as Designers cluster for more project ideas.

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What other machines could you build out of stuff that's just sitting around your house? Try to build a motion machine to feed your pet. A rubber band is nifty machine part. Be good to yourself; start simple.

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Yellow dot (9k) Make a machine for your pet.

Yellow dot (9k) Create a wind-blown work of art

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