Gymnastic Bar

Motion Image (40k)

By: Diana

My machine is a Gymnastic Bar. There are two people, one on the bar, and one on her feet.

I made it with tape, papers, a plate, cardboard, a pen, staples, and rubber band. This is how I made it . I got the things, then I thought about what I was making. I rolled up 5 pieces of paper. Then I taped it were it was rolled, then I taped the papers onto the plate, then I got some cardboard. Next I drew two persons, one on the bar, and one on the other's feet. I got a rubber band and taped it onto the bars. then I tried working it, and that is how I made it.

It took me 6 hours because I had 3 things. First I thought of a person on real ice, and one roller skating on the plate. They didn't work. Then last I made the Gymnasts on the bar. The three things had to do with the plate, and a rubber band.

This is how it works: I pull the two rubber bands on the rolled up paper, then let them go. It worked, but when I tried it, the person on her feet hit my face. It didn't hurt. It was funny, really funny.

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