Wind-Up Plane

Motion Image (40k)

By: Tracy

I made a wind-up plane. It has a rubber binder on it and it is connected to a perpeler. You turn the perpeler around and wait till it is wound up a lot and then you let it perpeler un-wind and the wind from the perpeler and rubber binder blows the wheels and that is how it moves.

I made my Wind-up Plane with a rubber binder, a chip box, a 3-D puzzle box, a couple of paper clips, 4 red and white straws, and tape. I taped 3 straws together, made two small and two big wheels, bended two paper clips so they had two L's, cut out a perpeler, made a moater moat by folding a chip box two times and then fold it on the top. After all that I taped it all together.


I had a few of problems, one was, I tried to make a double L, for that I had to have my sister help me. My other problem was I tried to do a different perpeler because my other perpeler fell a part.

For changing my Wind-up Plane, I had to make my wheels rounder, and I had to make a new perpeler (says in third perigraph). I also had to make a smaller rubber binder, I did that by making a knot in it.

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