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Glomerobolus gelineus

While eating breakfast during a recent trip to North Carolina, we read the most amazing story in the newspaper. It was about two scientists who discovered a fungus that spits. What? We had to know more about it so we drove to Morehead City to meet them. - Natalie, Karen and Mike

We met two inspiring people.

The Kohlmeyers are always investigating the environment around them. Jan Kohlmeyer and Brigette Volkmann-Kohlmeyer are marine biologists. They discovered and named the spitting fungus. Brigette named it Glomerobolus gelineus.

Brigette tells us why
she became a scientist.

Cross section of the fungi the Kohlmeyers found.

What does the name mean?

In Latin Glomerobolus gelineus means something like "throws a ball of jelly." Jan told us that when he added water to it under his microscope it spit right up at the lens making him jump back.

Where is the fungus found?

The fungus is found, in salt marshes along the east coast of the United States extending into Louisiana and Texas, growing on a plant commonly called needle rush. Can you see the needle rush in the picture of the Kohlmeyers?

That makes me think . . . (11k)
How do other fungi reproduce? Have thay captured it spitting on video tape? What kind of sound does it make when it spits? What are some other colorful types of fungi?

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