Mold is a simple fungus.

It gets its food from grains, fruits, vegetables and flesh. Mold begins as a tiny spore that lands on a food source like bread. Spores can be found in the air, on the ground and on you!

Materials (9k)

Grow your own mold.

Caution sign (7k) Wash your hands and try not to inhale the mold spores when you are experimenting.
eye dropper
Ziploc® bag
piece of bread
milk carton
cotton swab
masking tape

Collecting dust (9k)
collect dust on a cotton swab

Rubbing dust on bread (9k)
rub dust from cotton swab on bread

Putting water on bread (9k)
put 5 or 6 drops water on bread

Putting bread in bag (9k)
put bread in bag

Sealed milk carton (9k)
place bag in milk carton

Grow n Show (9k)
Send us photos or drawings of your mold.
We'll add it to our Grow-n-Show gallery.

That makes me think . . . (11k)
Does mold grow faster on old or fresh bread? Does mold grow better in a cold or hot place? How can you stop mold from growing? Try growing mold on toast.

Yellow dot (9k) Name that fungus

Yellow dot (9k) Medicinal mold

Yellow dot (9k) Last but not least, yeast