Lemon cross section (17k)

This is fake mold!

I painted mold on this lemon wedge because I didn't have a picture of one.
Does it look real?-Mike

Penicillium is a type of mold that grows well on citrus fruits. As penicillium grows, it gives off a liquid named penicillin. Penicillin is used as an antibiotic when people are sick.

Lemon cross section with mold (17k)

Grow n Show (9k)
Send us photos or drawings of your mold.
We'll add it to our Grow-n-Show gallery.

Try growing your own penicillium.

Caution sign (7k) Wash your hands and try not to inhale the mold
spores when you are experimenting.

eye dropper
Ziploc® sandwich bag
lemon wedge
empty milk carton
cotton swab
masking tape
Collecting dust (9k)
collect dust on a cotton swab

Rubbing dust on lemon (9k)
rub dust from cotton swab on lemon rind

Putting lemon in bag (9k)
put lemon in bag - add 5 or 6 drops water

Sealed milk carton (9k)
seal bag - place bag in milk carton - seal carton

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What happens if you don't add any water? Try using apples, oranges or bananas. What if you left it out in the sun? What if you didn't collect any dust? How many colors of mold can you grow?

Yellow dot (9k) Fungus farmers

Yellow dot (9k) Name that fungus

Yellow dot (9k) What the heck is an antibiotic?