Suitcase (20k) Open suitcase (20k)
Kids with suitcase (20k)

We are creating a Cyber-suitcase about Worms.

We want to share our excitement about worms with another first grade class. We are hoping to exchange artwork, stories and email with the class we send our suitcase to.

What should we pack?

Lowly worm is the silly part of the suitcase. What else should we include? We want to show some of the things we have done in class. Do you have any ideas about worms that we should include? Let us know.
Lowly worm close-up
Kids drawing inside suitcase (20k)

To get excited about worms, we'll include:

  • Drawings of worms
  • Stories about worms that we wrote
  • Posters we made about what worms eat
  • Songs to sing about worms
  • Book - Lowly Worm's Big Adventure
  • Puzzle - Lowly Worm is in it somewhere

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