Let's Eat Worms
Everyone who came to the exhibit got a gummy worm.
We sang songs about eating worms.

The Decomposing Experiment
We buried leaves, aluminum foil, a plastic block, a goldfish cracker, a rock and paper in dirt.
The Real Thing
We tested different environmental
conditions with red wigglers.

Light or Dark?

Wet or Dry?
Making the junk-art was a fun and creative activity. Do you want to know how we did it?

Can you guess?
What does this have to do with worms?
We made these with our 4th grade partners.

Recycled Paper
We learned all about papermaking.
In the exhibit we showed the steps.
Do you want to see how we did it?

Folded Paper Worms
People could make their own folded paper worms.
Some of them were really long.

Proud Authors
We had our worm books, poems and garbage stories on display.
People liked reading them. Some of them are funny.

World Wide Web With Worms
We had our worm site on a computer.

Worm dig tunnels
We let people peek into the worm viewer.
What's a worm viewer?

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