Title Graphic - Worm Shirts (17k)

We made worm t-shirts with Jan Elftmann. Jan is an artist in residence at our school. We get to wear our worm shirts and sing worm songs our worm exhibit. We are excited about worms . . . can you tell?

Make your own worm t-shirts.

You'll need

  • a white t-shirt
  • brown acrylic paint
  • sponges
  • masking tape
  • plexy glass sheet
  • puff paint (green and other colors)

Put paint on a tray and get
sponges ready.

Paint the plexyglass with sponge
(this makes it look like dirt).

Make squiggles (worm tunnels)
in the paint with your finger.

Carefully place t-shirt on top
of painted area. Then rub!

Slowly lift the shirt up.
Doesn't it look great?

Allow the shirt to dry 24 hrs
and then add worms and grass.

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