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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Number six plastic (17k)

I remember playing with Shrinky Dinks® when I was in elementary school. You can make them using clear plastic lids. It's a creative way to recycle. -Mike
Sandwich parts (22k)
I made a tiny sandwich. -Karen

    You'll Need:

  • aluminum foil
  • scissors
  • sandpaper
  • clear plastic lids (recycle code #6)
  • colored pencils
  • hot pad
  • toaster oven
Caution sign (7k)This gets HOT and sometimes smells.
Link to shrinking movie
Sanding (15k)
sand the lid
Coloring (15k)
color your design on lid
Heating (15k)
heat for a few seconds

That makes me think . . . (11k)
Why doesn't it work in a microwave? What do the numbers on the plastic mean? Why does it get thicker when it shrinks?

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