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Up, up, and away!

A demonstration from the National Chemistry Day event held at the University of Minnesota.

You can use a mylar balloon to demonstrate that warm air rises. -Ronnie and Nick (10th grade)

1) Cut neck off of an inflated mylar balloon.
2) Release some of the helium.
3) Close neck with a twist tie.
4) Attach paper clips until the balloon falls.
5) Thread string through a straw.
6) Attach the string to floor and ceiling.
7) Tape the balloon to the straw.
8) Heat the balloon while holding it.
9) When inflated, release.

Mylar balloon and hair dryer (22k)

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Will this work with an old helium balloon? What happens if the balloon has no helium in it? How long will the balloon stay up? How much weight can the balloon lift?

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