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Experiment with force and pressure by building a balloon rocket.

You'll need:

  • balloon
  • string
  • clothespin
  • straw
  • scissors
  • tape
Balloon rocket (33k)

Q: - icon (9k)Where are the rockets?

Shuttle launch (22k)

One (3k) Cut a long piece of string.

Two (3k) Thread string through straw.

Three (3k) Inflate balloon.

Four (3k) Put clothespin on neck of balloon.

Five (3k) Tape balloon onto straw.

Launch it!

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That makes me think . . . (11k)
What if you use different kinds of string? Try balloons with different shapes. How could you add wings to your rocket? Launch your rocket up a steep incline. Time your rocket and race a friend.

Yellow dot (9k) Rockets in the classroom?

Yellow dot (9k) Straw rocket

Yellow dot (9k) Rocket Science

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