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The secret is in the slurry:

Making slurry is the first step of the papermaking process. I had an art teacher that called the pulp and water mixture, slurry. I just like saying slurry. -Karen

Caution sign (8k)Be careful when heating the slurry.

Pot of cooked slurry (25k)
Slurry reminds me of old oatmeal. -Steven
Tearing newspaper (24k)
tear newspaper
Torn pieces of paper (24k)
into small pieces
Cooking paper pieces (24k)
add to a pot of water and heat

Blending cooked paper (24k)
blend to a pulp
Adding water (24k)
in a large tub add water to pulp
Slurry (24k)
stir well (you've got slurry!)

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What other things can you add to the slurry? Visit a factory that recycles newspaper or makes paper. How could you make colored slurry? How is this like paper mache?

Yellow dot (9k) Now you're ready to make paper

Yellow dot (9k) Newspaper challenge

Yellow dot (9k) Slurry, tell me more

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