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Make your own paper:

Papermaking is a great way to re-use old newspaper. We made our paper more colorful by mixing pieces of construction paper with our slurry.
You'll need: Stevens sheet of paper (34k)

Shapes and cutters (24k)
collect screens & cookie cutters
Lifting up through slurry (24k)
lift screen up through slurry

Pouring around shapes (24k)
or pour slurry on screen
Jenny's paper (24k)
drain for a minute
Flipping the screen (24k)
flip over on sheet of newspaper

Blotting the paper (24k)
blot with more newspaper
Lift screen away from paper (24k)
carefully lift screen
Stacking pieces (24k)
cover with newspaper & let dry

That makes me think . . . (11k)
When was the first paper made? How could you mold the paper into a three dimensional form? Try adding a perfume or extract to your paper.

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