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Parachuting Pinwheel

Here's a pinwheel that works without wind.

Print the pattern and build your own.

cut pattern (33k) glue tips in center (33k)
punch one brad through center (33k) punch hole in lid (33k)

push lid onto canister (33k) test it (33k)

time it and add a load (33k)

air-icon (9k)Looking for interesting connections to air? See the Air cluster for experiments, books, ideas and activities.

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What happens if you change the size of the blades? What other materials can you use for the pinwheel? Try comparing the speed of small blades versus large blades.

Yellow dot (9k) What Goes Around Comes Around

Yellow dot (9k) Things that whirl . . .

Yellow dot (9k) Build a parachute

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