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Paper Clip

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I found this experiment in a science book and tried it in my class. It didn't work! I substituted colored cellophane and tissue paper for the newspaper or fabric parachutes. Now it works! - Mike

Make a parachute that will carry a paper clip load.

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Materials you will need:

Cellophane or tissue paper
Masking tape
Paper clips
Hole punch


1. Cut a cellophane or tissue paper square (36cm)
2. Put a piece of tape on each corner
3. Punch a hole through tape at each corner
4. Cut four pieces of string 41cm long
5. Tie a piece of string to each corner
6. Tie loose ends of string together
7. Attach paper clip (add more to increase the load)
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What else can you do with recycled materials?
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Try to make a parachute that will carry an egg safely to the ground. Invent a device to launch your parachute. How can you modify your parachute so that it will spin in the air, make a noise or takes a picture on the way down.

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