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What is the landscape like where you live?
What kinds of things would you include if
you re-created your habitat on a small scale?

How would you describe
these habitats?

Tibet images (10k)
 Amazon River Basin
Tibet images (10k)
 Namib Desert
Tibet images (10k)
 Tibetan Plateau

You can design bottle habitats based one
of the Greatest Places or build one based
on where you live.
Can you guess which habitat we re-created in this Eco-column?
Guess: Amazon or Namib or Tibet.
Ecocolumn with parts (28k)

Talking about eco-column (11k) Dr. Williams building the Eco-column with us.

Dr. Paul Williams invented a way of building enclosed habitats with plastic bottles. He has a book called Bottle Biology.

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What kinds of insects could live in an Eco-column? How could you create an island in a bottle? Try to make a working waterfall!

Yellow dot (9k) Rainforest cross-section

Yellow dot (9k) Another use for plastic bottles

Yellow dot (9k) Catching critters for an Eco-column

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