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2-Liter Bottle

Fruit Fly Trap

Build a fruit fly trap out of a 2-liter plastic bottle. Fruit flies are easy to catch in warm weather. Once you catch some, you will be able to see their life cycle up-close.
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You'll need:
  • 2-liter plastic bottle
  • butter tub
  • film canister
  • masking tape
  • fruit

one (9k) Make a small hole in the lid

two (9k) Cut top / tape it upside down

three (9k) Cut bottom off of bottle

four (9k) Tape film canister to butter tub

shows steps for making trap (55k)
image of finished trap (40k)

five (9k) Add fruit to film canister / push pieces together

2 Weeks Later

Watch carefully, they're tiny, it happens fast. The females in your trap will lay eggs, and in a few days they'll hatch. Watch for the different stages - eggs, larvae, pupae, fruit fly. The entire life cycle only takes about 2 weeks.

Fruit Fly Colony

Use your fruit fly colony to feed a spider or praying mantis living in a Predator-Prey Column.

What else can you do with recycled materials?
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What other types of food are fruit flies attracted to? Examine a fruit fly with a hand held lens and draw a picture of the parts. What predators are fruit flies used as prey for?

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