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What is an Entomologist?

Karen Oberhauser and Liz Goehring are two scientists who work with monarch butterflies. They raise the butterflies in their lab and greenhouse at the University of Minnesota. In the fall, they send thousands of monarch larvae to classrooms to raise and then release as butterflies.
Liz and Karen

Karen & Liz (17k)
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Surprises at the lab!

Did Karen really raise pupa in her dining room?

Why does Liz like to work with butterflies?

When did Karen start working with butterflies?

We found butterflies in their refrigerator!

Monarch butterflies migrate south in the fall and go into a diapause when the temperature is around 12 degrees celcius. Guess what the temperature in their refrigerator was?

Logo (9k)Laura Kindig's 3rd grade class is raising and observing butterflies. You can find related ideas in her Journey North cluster.

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Where do monarch butterflies migrate to? What kinds of butterflies migrate? How long does it take to raise a monarch butterfly? How do butterflies eat?

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