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Patterns in Nature

Butterflies and moths are symmetrical, they have two equal sides. Symmetry means balanced proportions.

  • Mrs. Schmidt's class
      spotted symmetry everywhere!

    Find One

    Look closely at a butterfly or moth. See the patterns of color and designs in their wings. Do you see the symmetry?

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  • yellow butterfly (12k) blue butterfly (17k)
    Butterflies are examples
    of bilateral symmetry.

    Make your own balancing butterfly.

    image of sally with balancing bugs (40k)
    coloring pattern (33k)

    color your butterfly pattern

    cutting pattern (33k)

    cut the butterfly out

    taping pennies (33k)

    tape a penny to tip of each wing

    That makes me think . . . (11k)
    Are all butterflies symmetrical? Go outside, look carefully at butterflies and other insects and start a collection of balancing bugs. What is the difference between a butterfly and a moth?

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    Yellow dot (9k) The Butterfly Alphabet

    Yellow dot (9k) Can you find the butterfly?

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