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Mayan vessel (34k)

Glyphs on this vessel tell a story
that dates to the year 754.

Q: (9k) What does this have to do with chocolate?

The ancient Maya drank chocolate drinks out of vessels like this one found at Altar de Sacrificios, Guatemala.

Q: (9k) Where did the Maya get chocolate?

The Maya cultivated or grew a type of tree (Theobroma Cacao) that produces cacao pods that are filled with cocoa beans. The beans were crushed into a powder then mixed into a ceremonial drink.

Central America map (9k)

Altar de Sacrificios during
excavation in 1961.

Altar de Sacrificios during excavation in 1961 (85k)
That makes me think . . . (11k)
What do you celebrate when you eat chocolate? What other civilizations ate or drank chocolate? What does crushed cacao taste like?

Yellow dot (9k) Design a candy bar

Yellow dot (9k) Chocolate is nothing new

Yellow dot (9k) It doesn't grow on trees!

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