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Tubes and Spheres

Yellow marble (7k)

Build a totally tubular coaster:

Experiment with friction, gravity, kinetic and potential energy while building your coaster. What will it take to get the marble all the way through the tube?

Building the coaster (34k)
Orange marble (7k)
You'll need:
  • tubing
  • pipe cleaners
  • chairs
  • marbles
  • empty can
Movie button (11k)
Watch our coaster.
Blue marble (7k)
Attaching with pipe cleaner (22k)
Use pipe cleaners to hold tubing in place.
(chairs, tables, etc . . .)
Orange marble (7k)
Yellow marble (7k)
Can at the end (22k)
Use a can to catch the marbles.
(added bonus - it makes a great noise)

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What happens if you raise the launch point of the coaster? Visit an amusement park and ride a rollercoater. How is the coaster different if you use a smaller or larger marble?

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