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I really like blowing bubbles but the worst part is when they break. Here's a way to capture the shape of the bubbles after they pop! - Mike

One (3k) Make your bubble solution:

Mix 59 mL (1/4 cup) liquid soap, 15 mL (1 tbl) glycerine, 1.89 L (8 cups) water. We like Joy® or Dawn® soap the best. You can also use store bought bubble solution and dilute it with water.
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One (3k) Start blowing bubbles.

Printing bubbles (33k)

One (3k) Time to Print

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We'll add it to our Air-Blown-Art gallery.

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What do the bubble prints look like without adding any food coloring? What other things can you blow bubbles with? Try using more than one color in your print. How can you print one big bubble?

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