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Radial Chromatography

Explore Color:

Chromatography comes from the Greek word chroma meaning "color" and graphia meaning "writing". Chromatography is a fun way to explore color and is always a hit. -Jane

You'll Need:
  • Black markers (as many as you can find)
  • Paper towel or coffee filters
  • scissors
  • cup
  • eye dropper
Steps in chromatography (44k)

Compare different types of black markers!

Markers (31k)
Circle on paper (7k) Circle on paper (7k) Circle on paper (7k) Circle on paper (7k) Circle on paper (7k) Circle on paper (7k)

Chromatography gallery (17k)
Send us your chromatography designs.
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Chromatography Collection .

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What happens if you use colored markers? Try making a huge design on a whole sheet of paper towel. What happens if you test other water soluble things like Kool-aid, food coloring, or M&M's?

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Yellow dot (9k) How are markers made?

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