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Pyramids and Cubes

Building straw structures:

Pipe cleaners and straws are terrific materials for turning triangles and squares into pyramids and cubes.
Straws and pipecleaners (27k)

You'll need:
  • straws (small diameter)
  • pipecleaners
  • scissors

Assembling parts (22k)
Small triangle icon (4k) Build a triangle or square. Small square icon (4k)

Small triangle icon (4k) Continue adding straws and pipecleaners. Small square icon (4k)

Small triangle icon (4k) Try making a pyramid or cube.Small square icon (4k)

Pyramid with straws and pipecleaners (27k) Cube made with straws and pipecleaners (22k)

Shapes cluster logo (7k)This activity is included in the Shapes cluster developed with K-2 teachers at the Ross School in San Francisco.

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What structures can you think of that have cubes and pyramids in them? What shape do you have if you connect two pyramids together? Try connecting lots of straw shapes together. How tall can you build with straws?

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Yellow dot (9k) Shapes have strength

Yellow dot (9k) Sturdy spaghetti structures

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