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Make a kite out of a garbage bag:

Any piece of soft plastic will do. Shower curtains, painting tarps, garbage bags . . . Kites that start out as simple shapes and can become very complex structures.

You'll need:

Garbage bag (18k)

Tracing patterns (24k)
trace pattern onto plastic
Cutting plastic (24k)
cut plastic
Adding sticks (24k)
place dowels on plastic
Cutting sticks (24k)
cut dowels to fit kite
Taping sticks (24k)
tape dowels to plastic
Reinforce area with tape (24k)
punch a hole for string
Punching hole for string (24k)
punch a hole for string
Adding the tail (24k)
tape on plastic tails

That makes me think . . . (11k)
How does a tail change the way a kite flies? Try making kites out of other materials. How could you measure how high your kite flies?

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