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The life cycle of a monarch butterfly begins when a female monarch butterfly mates and later lays eggs on the leaves of milkweed plants. When the eggs hatch, a tiny larva emerges and begins to eat the eggshell. Close-up of egg on leaf (24k)
egg on the stem of a milkweed plant
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Eyewitness Books - Butterfly & Moth

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Liz Goehring, from the University of Minnesota - why does the larva eat the egg?

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Collect your own monarch eggs - Project Monarch Watch.

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Logo (9k)Laura Kindig's 3rd grade class is raising and observing butterflies. You can find related ideas in her Journey North cluster.

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Are there other animals or insects that eat their eggshells? Where can you find butterfly eggs? What are the eggshells made out of? How are they the same as chicken eggs?

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