Thinking Fountain image (17k)Thinking Fountain text (10k)


Four 2 liter bottles (26k)

This is a nice way to introduce density, mass and volume. -Nancy

Q: (9k) What is the same?

the kind of bottles, the space the stuff in the bottles takes up (volume), size, shape, etc.

Q: (9k) What is different?

the stuff inside the bottles, the weight (mass) of each bottle, color, etc.

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Science Props (9k)
That makes me think . . . (11k)
What other materials could you fill the bottles with? Is a bottle of diet soda more or less dense than regular soda - how could you find out? Why do they call it a root beer float?

Yellow dot (9k) Liquid Layers

Yellow dot (9k) Finding mass, volume and density

Yellow dot (9k) Make a density desert

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