Make your own Ant (7k) indicator paper and try this. Ant (7k)

Ant (7k) Some stinging insects spray formic Ant (7k) acid into the air when threatened. Find an Ant (7k) anthill, step on it Ant (7k) lightly to disturb the ants, Ant (7k) without getting stung place a Ant (7k) piece of Ant (7k) indicator paper over the ants.

anthill (33k)

You'll Need:

red cabbage
hot plate
pot and bowl
paper towel
red cabbage (9k)
break cabbage leaves into small pieces
heating cabbage and water (9k)
heat cabbage in water for 15 minutes
Straining the cabbage (9k)
drain the leaves over a container
Cut strips of paper towel (9k)
cut paper towel into strips
Dipping strip into cabbage water (9k)
put strips of paper into cabbage water
Drying strips on newspaper (9k)
spread strips out and allow to dry
Drying strips on newspaper (9k)
test liquids or solutions
If your strip turns
pink it is an acid.
If your strip turns
green it is a base.
How many different
colors can you find?

How can you make other inexpensive science inquiry tools?
See the Tools for Investigation cluster for more ideas.

Tools for Investigation (9k)

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What happens if you mix an acid and a base together? What color do you see when you test a solution of baking soda and water? or chocolate milk? What other vegetables or fruits could be used as indicators?

Yellow dot (9k) pH Factor

Yellow dot (9k) Incredible number of indicators

Yellow dot (9k) Indicator art