Zoo Robot

by Jacob

Zoo Machine picture (11k)

#1 Grabber, for picking up trash. Works on battery power. (arms are expandable)
#2 Legs, for moving around. Works on battery power.
#3 Fruit and vegetable dispenser, big fruit is shredded with the portable clip-on-you-put-it-together-shredder working on battery power.
#4 Meat dispenser, same thing happens to the meat as the fruit. Works on battery power.
#5 Fish dispenser, same thing happens to the fish as the meat. Works on battery power.
#6 Seed dispense, seeds don't need to be shredded, they just come out.
#7 Battery pack, this gives power to the rest of the robot.
#8 Hose, for spraying cages. There is a compartment for water that feeds the hose.
#9 Scoop, used for clearing cages, works on batter power.
#10 Camera, to see where to go. Works on its own battery pack.
#11 Speakers talkng all animal languages. Works on battery power.