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>From: "Maryanne"
>Subject: We love your worm page!!
>Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 16:34:55 PDT
>We we were able to use your web page for some great ideas for our summer
>camp.  Our five-week camp has an ecology theme.  We have about 100
>campers and we are based at a local grade school.  We do academic
>activities in the morning, have lunch and then we swim at the city
>beach.  We are going to do a special unit on worms.  The next day we are
>going to visit DMF Bait ( one one of the world's largest suppliers of
>worms.  thanks for all of our information.  Your efforts will be used
>and enjoyed by many.
>Mary Anne

To: "Maryanne" From: Karen Wilkinson <> Subject: Re: We love your worm page!! Hi Mary Anne, Glad to hear you like the pages. Your camp and fieldtrip idea both sound terrific! Five weeks is quite a camp. We have a camp called Eco-Explorers here at the museum each summer but it is only a 2 week session. Take pictures of activities related to worms and on your fieldtrip and send us copies. I'll include them in the Worms web site and also in Thinking Fountain. Thinking Fountain is another web resource we've developed that is a collection of unusual connections to science. We like to highlight people and inspiring places (you fit into both catagories). If you haven't seen the Thinking Fountain - take a peek when you get a chance - Good Luck with the camp! -karen