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From: Colleen
To: "''" <>
Subject: Spin Art Machines
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:03:21 -0700


I am looking for a spin art machine. While doing a search on the 
web I came across your site and was hoping you could provide 
me with some information on where to obtain one, or at least 
a lead. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


To: Colleen From: Karen Wilkinson <> Subject: Re: Spin Art Machines Hi Colleen, Well I have a few ideas. (1) Nickelodeon makes a plastic version for kids. The idea is that you pump a handle that makes the platform spin. For your own use or for a single child it is OK, but not very durable in the long run. I bought mine at Toys-r-us for under 12.00. (2) The other idea (that I highly recommend) is to find an old turntable at a thrift store or garage sale. Take off the center knob and tape down a cardboard piece about the size of an album cover (album cover - I can't believe how dated that sounds). Put the whole contraption inside of a box with tall sides and you're set to go. (3) Commercial spin art machines is another way to go, art/design stores sell them (Michael's, Charette and Dick Blick are stores where I have seen them) these are more expensive about 75.00+. If you have a little time, make it yourself. Let me know how it goes and what you end up trying. Send us some spin art and I'll add it to our website. -karen