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Whirligigs and Vollis Simpson

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:14:07 -0400
From: Amy Castle Moon
Subject: Browsing your site.

Hi!  I'm a first grade teacher at the Hosmer School in Watertown, 
Massachusetts.  I was looking through our Museum's resources 
and found your site.  I love the way you documented your trip. 
I haven't finished browsing the site, but I find myself wondering 
how old your children are.

I would like to chat with you sometime on our chat feature.  
Let me know if you are interested in talking about your 
connection to your museum.

Amy Moon

To: From: Amy Moon Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 11:27:07 -0400 Subject: Re: Browsing your site. Status: Karen, I should have continued before e-mailing because you certainly did document your class! I was very impressed with your site. This is my first year as an SLN teacher and I'll be starting to think about my project and presentation. Your site is definitely a good model for children. It was very interactive and visually stimulating without being overwhelming. I am currently working in a Primary Cluster and I will be switching to a multiage K-1 classroom. There are eight other multiage teachers in our cluster working with Preschoolers through grade two. I am speaking for them, but I'm sure that we would be agreeable to collaborate with you on your project. We are proposing an alliance with our Museum connection to work on developing activities in the classroom and the museum for younger children. We have been disappointed with the restricted access for primary children in the Museum of Science School Programs. I'd love to talk with you further about your access to your Museum. I understand that you are physically connected! I hope you have all thawed out! I loved your snow story! I'll be in touch, Amy Moon _____ Watertown Public Schools
To: Amy Moon From: Karen Wilkinson <> Subject: Re: Browsing your site. Hi Amy, We created the Windmills to Whirligigs site with a fourth grade classroom at Museum Magnet. Mike Petrich is my partner here. We worked with our first grade classroom on a Worms site (I'm not sure if you've seen it.) One thing that I am interested in is creating resources specifically for younger age levels. Using larger text, fewer words and relying on graphics more. I'd love to chat and hear what projects you'll be working on next year. -karen