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Whirligigs and Vollis Simpson

From: Ben Thal
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 00:22:13 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Whirligigs

I was very interested in your web site on whirligigs.

You may be interested in my work. I make what are called 
"incredible" whirligigs.  I have had a one man show at the 
Pacific Science Center and have shown my whirligigs in 
museums throughout the Country.

My whirligigs are all about two feet high and are shown in 
action driven by desk fans.  One month ago I exhibited 50, 
all in action at the Northwest Folklife Festival at Seattle 
Center where 200,000 people saw them. They have been
featured on many television shows and  in newspaper articles

My whirligigs are carved and use unique mechanism that 
teach physics. They are humerous and the actions are amazing.

I am a physician, and trained in otolaryngology at the 
University of Minnesota 1958-1964.

You may be interested in my work. Both children and adults 
find my whirligigs astonishing.

Ben Thal, MD