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Whirligigs and Vollis Simpson

From: Sandi Graham
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 08:08:43 +0000
Subject: Vollis Simpson

Dear Karen, Natalie, & Mike
I have been really captivated by your web page- what a wonderful 
resource. I am particularly interested in the work by Vollis Simpson. I 
am the Curriculum Planner at Y.E. Smith Magnet School in Durham, NC. 
Design and Technology is the focus of our magnet curriculum- grades k-5. 
I would very much like to be able to reach Vollis and talk with him 
about being a resource for our school. If possible, could you tell me 
how to get in touch with him? I would appreciate any help you could give 

Thanks- Sandi Graham

To: Sandi Graham From: Karen Wilkinson <> Subject: Re: Vollis Simpson Hi Sandi, We were glad to get your message. Anytime we find someone who is as interested in Vollis as we are - we get a little excited. Vollis would make a nice contribution to a Design and Technology magnet. He lives in Lucama, North Carolina (If I remember correctly, about 45 minutes from you). Vollis and his wife Jean have both been a pleasure to work with. (919) 239-0679 If Vollis does end up doing something with your school, please let me know. I would like to have someone from our museum document that process somehow. We just created a video from footage we shot of Vollis along with the kids questions from the Magnet School here in Minnesota. Good Luck! -karen *We are working on some design technology resources with Karen Thimmesch (4th grade), they should be finished by fall.