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About Mold

Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 16:42:30 -0800
From: Karen Wilkinson
To: richard
Subject: ThinkingFountainIdeas

>i am doing a science project on bread mold should i put 
>it in a ziplock bag or a container it is due april 27th.
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Hi! Growing mold is my passion, I did a mold experiment in fifth grade and have never stopped growing mold since then (it accidentally happens to things in my refrigerator all the time). About your question, I recommend that you put it inside of a milk carton, but I would think a ziploc would be OK too - you should try one of each and let me know how it turns out. I haven't ever compared the two. Once you start growing nice and healthy mold, try not to breathe the dust or mold spores - keep them stored in clear containers of plastic bags. For close-up looks try using a hand lense or a microscope. Since you have until April, you should try all sorts of things.... Does it grow best in light or dark places? Cold or warm? Moist or dry? How many different colors of mold can you grow? I found a website that has images of bread mold taken with a scanning electron microscope, I think you'll find them interesting - if not scary to look at. Let me know how your project goes. Have fun with it! -karen