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Subject: monarch butterfly look alikes 
From: "Darriel"
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 18:50:00 -0500 


My name is Tim.  I am in the second grade.  

We are collecting the milk weed caterpillars in our room and watching them
spin there crysalis and hopefully next week, we will see the monarch
butterflies come out.

Everyday our teacher, Mrs. Held asks us a "What's It?" Question.  Today our
question is "What butterfly looks like the monarch butterfly?"  We have
tried encyclopedias and now the net and cannot find the answer.  Could you
help us with this question?  I need to know by Sunday night to get my
answer written down for Monday morning.  I hope someone can help.  Thank



Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi Tim, My name is Karen, and I work at a Science Museum in Minnesota. I'm glad to hear that you're getting a chance to raise monarchs in your classroom. It is very exciting to watch the metamorphosis process up-close. Watch really closely after your caterpillars hang upside down in the shape of a J - tell me what you notice. I can't think of books I've seen that go into great detail about the monarch and the butterfly that mimics it. Did your teacher talk to you about mimicry? If not be sure to mention it on Monday. You'll be able to find what you're looking for on the web pages below. I don't know much about the butterfly you're searching for so let me know what you find out about it. I do think it is pretty neat that two different butterflies look the same. **(2)Has a picture so you can see how similar the two butterflies are. Thanks for writing. If you have trouble accessing the pages before Sunday afternoon write back to me and we'll try something else. -karen (1) Kew Beach Public School in Toronto Butterfly Project Page (2) Butterfly website Picture Gallery (3) WWF Fact Sheet about Monarchs
From: "Darriel" To: "Karen Wilkinson" <> Subject: Re: monarch butterfly look alikes Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 14:57:30 -0500 Hi Karen, Thanks for the info you sent me. My Mom and I spent about an hour and a half looking for the answer and finally found it on Encarta in the encyclopedia on our computer. The viceroy is the one we were looking for, I think. It really looks alot like the monarch. We were surprised. The picture gallery address you sent us confirmed our answer. It worked just fine. If we had a color printer on our computer I would have printed a picture of both of them and took them to school, but we did save it as wallpaper. Thank you for replying so quickly. I appreciate your help. When my caterpillar formed a j I noticed that it turned green first and then looked kind of wet as it began to spin. Is there something else I am not seeing? Your friend Tim