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Subject: Where the Monarch butterflies come from
From: Kevin
Organization: St. Mary's University College
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 14:56:55 -0800

>Dear Pupils,
>I am helping to produce a CD-ROM on a village in Mexico. 
>It will be used by children in schools in England. The 
>children will be aged between 7 and 11. I am going to 
>include some information on the wonderful Monarch 
>butterflies which spend their winters near my Mexican 
>I have one question which you may be able to answer 
>for me. It is where do the butterflies start their journeys? 
>Do any of them start across the border in Canada or do 
>they all start in the USA?
>It would be wonderful if you could let me have the answer.
>Best wishes and keep up the good butterfly work.

Hi Kevin, Where is your Mexican village located? Are there monarchs in England? I think that monarchs and the migration process is such a fascinating occurrence. About your question....I do know that monarchs migrate up into Canada, although I don't know how far up into Canada they go. I was camping up in northern Minnesota and actually saw monarchs in Thunder Bay which is an area just on the Canadian side of the border. The monarch lays its eggs in the summer in Minnesota once the milkweed has bloomed (which takes a while because it is so cold). Around July is when I really started to notice them this summer. I would think that they emerge in Canada about a month later than they do here, but that's just a guess. Good Luck on your project. -karen