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Subject: Help me!!!!project
From: From: Library User
Date: Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:18:39 -0800

Hola Anna,

Glad to hear you like Frankie, I think he's pretty cute too!  

You have monarch butterflies that are overwintering 
just down the coast from you.  Monarchs from North 
America seem to head in two directions.  Most of the 
ones to the east of the Rockies travel down into 
Mexico.  Those to the west, head to California.  
The town of Pacific Grove, near Monterey, is 
probably the monarch capitol of California.

You could send your own Frankie down from where 
you live to a California school that is near the 
monarchs. What other animals migrate through 

There are a few web sites that I think you'll 
enjoy looking at -

Monarch Watch

Journey North

When Frankie traveled down to Mexico with 
us we went to see two sanctuaries there.  
The pictures should give you an idea of what 
the winters are like for the monarchs there.

El Rosario Reserve
Cerro Chincua Reserve

Also the town of Pacific Grove has a couple of websites:

Thanks for writing.

>Subject: Monarch Butterflies
>From: Library User
>Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:18:39 -0800
>Hola Estudiantes,
>                I live ni Oregon, and I am researching the 
>migration of Monarch Butterflies. If you could send 
>me any information, it would  
>be greatly appreciated. Frankie is a hotty! Thanks a bunch!
>                        luv,
>                      Anna