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To: Ted
From: Karen Wilkinson 
Subject: Re: Delancy's Monarchs is Up

Hi Ted (and Carol)!

These pages are really great.  Ted - Will you post it to 
the sln teachers list and to  

I am going to add it to the "What's New" this week 
section of Monarchs and Migration.  I will also link 
to it heavily  within Monarchs and Migration itself.   
I will send you both the URL's for the pages, but it 
won't happen until early next week.  Today I'm 
working on Inventions.

We really like the pages.
Carol - Can we get the words to the butterfly song 
and copies of the kids stories?  I know you've got to
be swamped with school ending  soon, so don't put 
extra pressure on yourself to do this if it is too difficult.

Thanks for showing us what you've been up to - it is 
always fun to see.


>[This is really Ted]
>Carol Delancy sent me two great web pages that she made with Netscape 
>Gold. They look cool! Congratulations, Carol. The pages are now 
>accesible via:
>  Avocado Home --> Science Projects --> Insects --> Monarch Butterflies

To: Carol From: Karen Wilkinson <> Subject: Butterflies and tadpoles Hi Carol, I just added your "Welcome Back" page to areas of Monarchs and Migration. **The etc... Is our test server, but I'll move things over to the main one this afternoon when I move the things I've been working on for the past couple of days. You can access our main server the same way just change gonzo to www. I also just saw that you did work with tadpoles. We did too. I love the drawing on your page. I also added spiders and tadpoles to a page about Avocado in Monarchs and Migration. We went about the whole tadpole thing a different way - which I see now was wrong. We ordered eggs from a science supply place mainly because we didn't start seeing tadpoles in lakes around here until a few weeks ago. Anyway we had all sorts of troubles and have learned a lot. I'm going to give you a URL that isn't public but the reading is very funny and a little bit sad (especially the tadpoles area). Did you have to heat the indoor aquarium? Did it have air pump? Looking forward to monarch stories and songs! -k
>Mime-Version: 1.0 >Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 09:26:11 -0500 >To: >From: Carol >Subject: tadpoles >Status: > >Dear Karen, > >It is always so great to hear from you. I've placed you on my list of >"people to whom I love to get e-mail from". (:I) You guys have really >been wonderful to me. I just can't find the words to express myself. > >Tadpoles: > >The tadpoles that were in our classroom were kept in still water. We did >not place a heater pump into it because we wanted the temperature to drop. >Nevertheless, we did added a cup of pond water to the tank every couple of days. >This was to simulated the natural filtering that the rain in the outdoor's >pond. > >-Carol Ann (:I) >
To: Carol From: Karen Wilkinson <> Subject: Got 'Em Carol, I just returned from a quick trip to Omaha of all places. Anyway, I just got back this morning. I was happy to see a large brown envelope in my mailbox (and even happier to see the things inside). Everyone here was rolling on the floor when I read some of their stories. What is Kid Works 2? Does it turn the kids writing into the two level lined paper? (what is that paper called - it must have a name?) When you introduced the assigment did you ask them to write about what they thought happened? It is interesting to see several of the kids wrote "I think" and others wrote theirs in a very matter-of-fact way. My two favorite are (1) following the scents their moms left behind (2) they follow little strings in the air. I'm going to try to figure out how to work these into Monarchs and Migration - I'll let you know as soon as they are there. I noticed the recent additions to your page (cute photos). Thanks so much for sending the stories and songs. If you do butterflies again, we should record the kids and have audio of them singing. Mike and I recorded first graders here singing worm songs and put them on the web. We just videotaped them and were able to get the audio from the video. That was the kids favorite part of any Internet stuff we've ever done, being able to click on the page and hear themselves singing. Thanks again. -karen
>Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 17:33:03 -0500 >To: >From: Carol >Subject: Monarch Stories > >Dear Karen, > > It is always great to hear from you!(:I) I'm sorry to be >responding so late. Our e-mail server has been down. > > The children were very excited to send their stories to you. By >the end of the school year, your name (and Mike's) had become well known in >our classroom. The children loved seeing themselves on the Journey North >pages and so did their moms and dads. Many of my parents would asked me, >"Who is this Miss Karen!" This is because whenever the kids would discuss >the Monarch's or Spider's web pages your would pop up somewhere in the >conversation. (:I) > > I am very excited that you and Mike enjoyed the kids stories. The >Kid Works 2 program made this process fairly easy. It is like a word >processor for kiddies. When the children typed their stories the Kid Works >2 software, allowed them to be printed out as if they were typed on primary >paper. In reality, the paper that we used is just regular printing paper. >This feature is one of the beauties of this program. Listed below are two >site addresses on the net that will give you more insight about this >software: > > > > > > > When the children wrote their stories, I just told them to use >their imaginations. Little children are like grandparents! They have an >answer for everything. HA! HA! The children who started their papers with >"I think" were being really creative. They knew that their answers may not >be true. The others were very assured about theirs. (:I) > > >Thanks For Everything! >-Carol >