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Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 19:09:56 -0500
Subject: Your Page


I have been looking at your work on your pages... truly wonderful !  
I am an adult facinated with bubbles !  The large kind... spend many 
an hour on the beach with them !  This year I hope to create some 
of the huge bubbles as shown at the site   

I am hoping to take a small inflatable kids pool with me on my 
camping trip and have my 13 year old stand inside !!

Truly a wonderful site !

Oh !  Another site that I found fascinating was

Given our climate this was very encouraging ! (it is about blowing
bubbles in -45 degrees F !  Personally I have little luck blowing
bubbles in the winter.. but am willing to try it again !  

This link was found on the page at

hope these are helpful links for you ! 
Enjoy your summer !