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Bubble Geometry

Q: -icon(9k) Have you ever seen a square bubble?

Experiment with bubbles. Create bubble wands out of found objects (straws, pipe cleaners, strawberry baskets and coathangers) and have your own bubble festival.

Bubble wand - cube (40k)

Q: -icon(9k) How can you catch a bubble?

The secret is the soap solution. Try catching a bubble with a dry hand versus a wet hand. Which lasts longer?
Bubble wand - pyramid (40k)

Bubble wand - sphere (40k)

Kids playing with bubbles (55k)

Shapes cluster logo (7k) This activity is included in the Shapes cluster developed with K-2 teachers at the Ross School in San Francisco.

That makes me think . . . (11k)
What could you use to make lots of tiny bubbles? How could you measure a bubble? Why do bubbles fall towards the ground?

Yellow dot (9k) Bubbles

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Yellow dot (9k) Soap bubbles are so fun!

Yellow dot (9k) Make your own bubble prints

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